Changing up my fitness with a 45 day challenge

Switch it, Change it, Rearrange it.

Changing Up My Fitness with Kickboxing and a 45 Day Transformation Challenge

I’m constantly searching for new ways to keep up with my fitness and ways to motivate myself. I get bored easily. Who doesn’t? I like to change things up. Plus, I’m always up for the latest fad that has come to town. I’ll jump on that bandwagon!

This summer, it was ‘I Love’ Now, I don’t think this is new by any means, but new to me and new to my area. Also, the timing of the ad popping up on my Facebook feed was perfect.  Five classes for $19.99 and a free pair of gloves?! Where do I sign up! And so I did and thought I would give kickboxing a try.

Well as it turns out, I have to give it a try for an entire year! That’s right. They got me in a contract. I’m not too terribly disappointed by being in such a contract. The bond, or monetary hold, I now have with kickboxing should keep me motivated knowing I can’t back out of this for an entire year. Even though I have only been at it for about two months, I’ve definitely noticed some changes.

3 Benefits of Kickboxing In Only 2 Months:

  1. Reduced Stress

    I can definitely tell a difference in my stress level. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, so kickboxing helps me manage my anxiety and stress. It doesn’t hurt to picture whatever is stressing me out as the bag… a difficult client at work, my husband. Kidding, not kidding.

  2. Knocks Out My Workout Boredom

    Like I mentioned before, I get bored with workouts easily. I’m also a runner and long runs can really take the fun out of working out. Yes, people, working out needs to be fun or else we wouldn’t do it!

  3. Works My Entire Body

    The format of the classes involves a circuit or conditioning training in the first 15 minutes. This workout consists of anything from jump squats to burpees (damn burpees!), push-ups, sits-ups and lunges. We take a few minutes to stretch after the circuit and then we move into six bag rounds. The combinations change each round and incorporate all the traditional punches and kicks; jabs, crosses, round-houses — you get the picture.

45 Day Transformation Challenge

I Love hosts a 45 Day transformation challenge and I decided I wanted in! I mean, after all, I am a Kickboxing pro now. HA! Since I am seeing such great return as a result of kickboxing, I thought to myself, “Self, let’s kick it up a notch.” If I was seeing these kinds of results with little to no change in my diet or daily routine, imagine what I would see if I paid more attention to my diet and daily routine. I liked that image.  The $20,000 in prize money isn’t a bad motivator either. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah, $20,000. Ummm, yes please.

I signed up for the 45 Day Challenge on September 13, 2017. My before pictures were taken and my kitchen was cleaned out of any hazardous materials (aka, bad food). My husband and I eat relatively clean and healthy, but I have a terrible sweet tooth. My husband even goes as far as to tell me that I have a little fat kid inside of me. I am not an overweight person, but I definitely would be if I didn’t workout because of how much I love sweets.

I wanted to this challenge to be more than just weight loss. I really took the “transformation” word to heart. So, here we go — 45 days. I’ve got this!