Keeping my patience for 45 days

It’s Only Day 10?!?

Challenge Update Days 1-10

Dramatic results in the first week

It’s been a little more than a week on this challenge. Within the first week I was seeing awesome results with an (drum roll please) eight pound drop on the scale! Eight Pounds! Say Whaaaattt? It was almost as though I blinked and it happend – I Dream of Jeannie style (I love that show). I immediately began writing my acceptance speech for winning the $20,000. At this rate, I was surely going to win.

Hold Up, Wait a Minute!

The beginning of week two was a different story entirely. Not only did I not loose anymore weight, I fluctuated up and down a couple pounds. Consequentially, my weight never lowered any further past that original eight that I saw in week one.  WTF? I know, right?

Unrealistic Expectations About Weight Loss

Before I started ripping up my acceptance speech, I did some research. What I experienced in my first couple of weeks is not uncommon. Dramatic results in the first week is actually a very common occurrence.  After these rapid results, my body started to think that change was happening too quickly. It then thought it needed to go into survival mode, which is why the weight loss process slowed down in week two. This is why people see great results in week one of a program and may not see any results in week two and three. Queue unrealistic expectations!

Because the weight loss happened so fast (who doesn’t love instant gratification?), I started to have the expectation that these were going to be the results every single week.  This is also why in the past I have given up on my fitness programs.  Sound familiar?

Same Story, Different Program

This has happened all too often to me in the past. I see great results and then I get impatient for things to happen faster. I want to snap my fingers and make my thighs suddenly thinner. I want to take a pill and immediately I have six-pack abs.  This is not how it works and we all know it… whether we care to admit it or not. The recipe for a successful weight loss program is clean eating, regular exercise and patience. No way, really? That’s it?

You are rolling your eyes at me (I can actually hear it happening) like you have heard this one before. I too will admit that I have heard this line several times and yet I still get sucked into the latest fad diet or workout program out there. At the end of the day, they are all telling us the same thing; dial in nutrition and workout regularly and/or more. Bam! Mind. Blown.

I may be on a somewhat accelerated path since I am doing a 45 challenge, but patience is still key. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Wait…are you sure I can’t just wake up and be thin? Clearly, this is what growing up watching I Dream of Jeannie re-runs will do to a person. I just want to blink and things will magically happen!

Well, onward with my challenge. I’m not giving up! But, I may wiggle my nose a bit along the way… just in case. Right, Samantha?