No One Likes a Cheater!

Cheater, Cheater
Day 14

Well, the title says it all. I cheated on eating program. Oh, the horror! I am sure you can relate to treating yourself to something naughty, enjoying every minute of it and then quickly resenting the decision. This happens after you have eaten the entire bag, box or slice or whatever it was you were indulging in, of course.  This was my Sunday. Yes, Sunday. Oh, no, no…one indulgence was not enough for me.

Popcorn Made Me Do It!

My first mistake in all of this was going to Costco. That place is a nightmare for people who are trying to eat well. The place is full of temptations. Not only do they have delicious treats staring you down as you walk up and down the aisle, they have people literally handing you food as you do so. “Do you want to try a triple cheddar, bacon wrapped, fried twinkie? They come in a six-dozen pack on aisle 10.”

My number one weakness when I go to Costco is the G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix. OMG. This stuff is AMAZING. Of course, I bought some.  And so my cheating day began. This past Sunday was really rainy in Colorado.  And what goes better with a rainy day than sweatpants, movies on the couch and popcorn? That’s right, nothing.

To top the day off, my husband decided to some work on our master bedroom remodel. Oh, I might have forgotten to mention that my husband and I have been gutting our house and it is basically a construction zone. I’ll get into that later…
So, my husband had to turn off the water in the house to be able to work on the plumbing for our master bedroom remodel. Since I had just been to Costco, I planned to grill steaks that I had picked up on my shopping excursion. Long story short, it took him waaaay longer than he originally thought (typical with any house-project and you would think I would know this after three years) and the water had to remain off for the rest of the night. Which meant, we were ordering Chinese for dinner.  Enter crabby wife!

Life Happens and It is Ok

Even though I was not happy with the situation, I was not going to turn down Chinese.  I’m only human! Naturally, I beat myself up about the day going poorly in regards to my eating. It is an ugly cycle. Can you relate?  As I see it, I have some choices here. I can either choose to be miserable and regret my decisions or I can move on and pick back up tomorrow.  According to Shape Magazine, cheat days are ok… within reason.  I agree Shape Magazine! Thank you. If I deprive myself too much, it leads to bad moods and binge eating. Who wants that? Not me… or my husband, I would assume.

Onward and upward with my program. And, I’ll be hiding the rest of the popcorn.  Thanks, Costco, I hate you.