Workout Wobble

Challenge Update – Day 22

A requirement during the 45-day I Love challenge is that you have to make it to at least 15 classes within the 45-day window. At first, I thought this would be no problem.  Fifteen classes in 45 days? That comes out to about two classes a week, with a few extra sprinkled in.  Uh…it is day 22 and I have been to a total of six classes.  Maybe not as easy as I originally thought.


The afternoon or evening classes seem to work best for me, or that is just when I can seem to get my butt in gear to get to kickboxing. I work from home and it is surprisingly hard to get motivated to get out of the house sometimes. I can hear you laughing already. I’m serious people. I am addicted to yoga pants and slippers these days. With that said, I knew I needed an alternative workout routine to mix in because me getting to kickboxing was becoming a challenge in and of itself. Also, I knew that two days a week wasn’t going to cut it for the type of results I was after.

Turbo is my Jam

Does anyone remember the infomercial for Turbo Jam videos by Beach Body? Oh man, I sure do! I purchased the entire set back in 2006. I loved them! They incorporated dance with classic kickboxing moves. Well, Chalene and the crew are back in full force. The classic Turbo Jams are still around and available, but now there is an updated version.  The new version is called Turbo Fire and I love it even more than Turbo Jam. The best part is they are not DVDs anymore. They are all on Beach Body On Demand now.

What is Beachbody® On Demand You Ask?

Beachbody On Demand is a streaming service that gives you unlimited access to, not only TurboFire and TurboJam, but to hundreds of other workout programs.  The package also comes with customizable meal plans to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

So you might have already guessed it, but I ended up signing up for Beach Body OnDemand. UGH! I know what you are saying! Meghan, you signed up for something else?? I may have a slight problem with saying no. HELP!

Luckily, BOD was not as expensive as I Love Although the commitment is also a full year, the price was very reasonable. Plus, I. LOVE. IT. It allows me to remain in my yoga pants and workout from home. YES! I do have to ditch the slippers for sneakers, but they are right there waiting for me when I’m done.

Workout Timing

With my fitness at home workouts combined with my Kickboxing classes set and ready to go, I needed to “work out” (pun intended) a schedule to fit in my daily exercise. With my work schedule being hectic during the day, I decided to get up an hour earlier to work out first thing in the morning.  For the most part, this was going well. I also found countless articles out there about the benefits of working out in the morning. YES- Points for me! Upon further investigation, there are also countless articles out there discussing the disadvantages of working out in the morning. Timeout – minus 10 points! My mind was going back and forth between all of these articles — “Working out in the morning is good. No, working out in the morning is bad.”  AHHHHH! Stop the madness!

According to in their article 8 Benefits of Working Out In The Morning, working out in the morning is good. One benefit they mention is that your testosterone levels are elevated in the morning and thus this helps you build more muscle mass. Conversely, Dave Asprey explains in his book, The Bulletproof Diet, cortisol levels are also elevated in the morning. Cortisol has the opposite effect as testosterone in that it breaks down tissue, thus inferring that working out first thing in the morning is not the best method. Uh, ok, so lunchtime?

When I Googled “Best Time to Workout” the first article that popped up was from WebMD What’s the Best Time to Exercise. This article suggests that there is no real evidence proving that you burn more calories at certains times of the day. It does offer that the time of day in which you workout can affect how you feel. Of course, this can vary from person to person.

Trail and Error

With all the varying information out there, it is hard to know what information to trust. With that said, I have decided to let my body decide. I have been working out first thing in the morning for a little more than two weeks. I wake up at 5 a.m., take Miss Mia for a walk and then I head downstairs for a BOD workout.  This made me feel great for the rest of the day and I didn’t have to worry about fitting in a workout into my schedule as it was already done.  Point and point. However, I wasn’t seeing much (or any) results on the scale or in my body composition. And after reading The Bulletproof Diet, it got me thinking. Asprey suggests that after some Intermittent Fasting in the morning, it is beneficial to work out in the afternoon (If you remember, he was the one that said morning was bad) in a fasted state and then refuel your body within 15 minutes of the workout. Since I wasn’t seeing much results from working out in the morning, I decided to give this new schedule a try.

I’m on day three of this new schedule. More updates to come.