A Fresh Start


How many times have you said this to yourself — ‘I just need a fresh start’? I have said this too many times to count and today is no different.

I was looking through my old posts here (the last one more than a year and half ago) and I realized I wanted to start fresh. Luckily, WordPress gives this you option of deleting all of your content and ‘starting fresh’.  How nice is that? Can I have that option on my life too?

Perhaps that is what inspired me to log back into this blog (or lack there of). I have been having the feeling of wanting a refresh on my life. I’m feeling drained, over worked and just overwhelmed with being an adult.  I know, I know – Oh woe is me! But seriously, can you relate? Where is the Control-Alt-Delete on life?

At the moment, my routine consists of work, eat, sleep and repeat. I occasionally break up the week with a tennis match, run or spin class, but the afore mentioned combination is king right now.  But, as a 35-year-old working professional, this is the norm. Right!? Please tell me I’m right.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work. I barely step away from my computer screen during the week. It even calls to me and haunts me on the weekends too. I should mention that I work from home, so I’m easily called back into the routine. It’s too simple for me to just quickly answer that email or slack message when it’s a few feet away from me. I get it. I’m part of my own problem. Is it better to make my weekends a little less fun in hopes of alleviating some of the stress for the coming week? In some cases yes, and in others, no. But it seems to be a battle I am struggling to win.

The battle continues with knowing what a fresh start looks like or more specifically, what it would look like for me. There is no doubt it varies based on the person and situation. For me, my fresh start may mean a new outlook, a new hobby, or starting a blog. What does a fresh start look like for you?