Meet Meg

MegHey, hey. I’m Belle. Nope, that’s not my real name, but I seriously considered changing it as a kid because I was SO obsessed with Beauty and the Beast (more on that later…)

As a business development professional with more than 13 years of experience…
Ha! I just heard your eyes glaze over. Mine glazed over just writing it! I’ll save you the boring elevator pitch read — yawner!

Let’s stick with the short version:

I’m a Colorado native¬† — washed-up contemporary dancer turned runner, fitness fanatic, and tennis novice — journalism/PR undergrad turned graphic design enthusiast, marketing magician, coding rookie, Salesforce Trailblazer and woman in tech — a coffee addict, margarita zealot, dessert lover and a Disney Princess wannabe.

I started this blog as an adventure. My everyday experiences, passions and ‘did that sh*t just happen?’ adulting moments will most likely present themselves here. If you want to share in the trials of fitness and weight loss, the revelations of marriage (without kids), the frustrations of home renovations and the challenges of running in the rat race and having a work/life balance… then you have come to the right place.¬† I hope to make you smile, inspire you and give you some tips along the way while we figure out this whole adulting thing together.

So grab your coffee, and let’s go!